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Local news

Teleboadilla represents the future of television, a local news channel broadcast only through the internet. The municipality is Boadilla del Monte, west of Madrid, among the richest towns in Spain. Still perceived as a small village, the population has grown in the recent years developing differentiated population strata. It has
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AudiovisualStream is a production company specializing in streaming of events to the internet. The focus of their website was completely different from ours at JLCVISUAL. A rather static content but the presentation had to be spectacular. The choosen theme was Avada, one the most avant-garde WordPress themes. I leave it
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Ana Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris

I’m not a close follower of French politics, nevertheless I’ve noticed socialist Anne Hidalgo. I saw her in one of the television shows I watch to keep track of french culture. He had just published a book about his political project for Paris ( Mon combat pour Paris). Anne Hidalgo
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Philip Glass’s Dracula

Have you ever wanted to correct a work of art? Change the end of a novel? ¿Editing a movie your way instead of the director’s? The film “Dracula” directed by Tod Browning in 1931, although primitive and naive is full of charm. I’m sure readers will remember it because Bela
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